Dr Stephanie Rosenkranz

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz is currently Professor of Microeconomics at Utrecht University School of Economics in the Netherlands. You’ll see Steffi in in the Economics Foundations videos.

Stephanie’s worked and studied in North America and Europe. Her experience includes working at Humboldt University (Berlin), at University of Bonn, and at Kellogg School of Management, where she held a prestigious Marshall Fund scholarship.

Stephanie’s work both in the classroom and outside have brought her a global reputation as an experimental economist and sought after scientific advisor. She co-founded GXP Foundation, an independent center for the study of real world choice behaviour, and its implications for policy development. This is where economics gets real and its business applications stand tall. She has recently been working for both Unilever and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Stephanie devotes most of her time to understanding, and teaching, the impacts of economics on innovation, strategic alliances, and social networks. When she’s not booked for teaching and research events, Steffi enjoys travelling with her husband to his native Namibia, or to their vacation home in Sicily…or just being with her kids.