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Before you invest thousands in your management education, don’t you want to make sure you’re as well prepared as you can possibly be?

We provide you with:

  • Detailed on-line video presentations
  • In easy to absorb, bite-sized pieces
  • Great for watching wherever you may be
  • Make the most of your every spare moment.
Take a look at this intro video, or see some of our sample presentations.

You hoping to enter b-school soon?

  • Get prepared with AnyPrep’s online video Foundations for Business School series.
  • We will take you step-by-step through the foundations that you need to take b-school in your stride.
  • We will show you some tricks that most of your class won’t know.
  • Quizzes to check your progress. Every few videos there will be a short quiz to test what you’ve learned.
  • Our quizzes are based on what we know you’ll get asked on your business programs
Take a look at a sample video from Finance Foundations for Business School.

Make preparing for the MBA, EMBA, MIM easy with our business school foundations

This whole set is available as a 5-course bundle for only $219.

Customer reviews

“In my years teaching business students, I’ve seen many students held back by their inability to accurately recall their earlier education, especially in quantitative subjects. They become reluctant to enter into class discussions, and form at best a superficial understanding of core concepts. Using AnyPrep to brush up on your basics is a simple insurance policy to make certain you fulfil your true potential.”

Professor Evan Douglas

Head Department of Marketing
Griffith Business School, Queensland, Australia

“Where was this when I was still in the business? This will be so helpful to so many students especially in these condensed programs. Personally the accounting and finance look to be so helpful… I would have made offers contingent upon completion of the full set of videos. It would have helped so many people.”

Charmaine Courtis

Consultant in Higher Education Programming & International Relations with over 40 years Development and Leadership experience in Student Services/Student Affairs, York University, Canada

“Anyprep videos provide a quick tutorial for busy executives to revisit or learn the key academic concepts conveniently online before starting our program. They cover the topics that our students find the most challenging. A great site to get you started for any business programs! ”

Judy Au

Program Director at Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program

“I really think that these are great courses.”

Professor Dr Michael Frenkel

Associate Dean for International Relations and Diversity,
Chair of Macroeconomics and International Economics WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

“Very good presentations and a good resource for self-learning. I like the “talking head” presentation with the Powerpoint in the main screen area.”

Japhet Law

Former Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Students who come prepared are already at the head of the class. They have to worry less about catching up and can think more about the application of complex concepts to real-work business situations. These well-prepared students end up getting the best grades, and the best jobs. AnyPrep is a great resource for those students who want to get—and stay—ahead. It is highly recommended.”

James Reinnoldt

Lecturer: School of Business BBA and MBA Programs
University of Washington

“The financial accounting module is superior to those in pre-courses used some leading business schools, which tend to focus on the mechanics of bookkeeping rather than on the structure and inter-relationships of the financial statements and the uses thereof. The AnyPrep course is user-oriented, as it should be. ”

Prof. Thomas H. Beechy

Schulich School of Business

“After evaluating numerous MBA prep programs, I can recommend Anyprep without any reservations! It is clear, to the point, and makes my job a lot easier”

Prof. Eyal Maoz

Associate Dean for Teaching and Curriculum Faculty of Business Management
Ono Academic College, Israel

“Pre-enrollment preparation really helps to even the playing field. The courses offered by ‘Any Prep’ provide a remedy for students in need of remediation and will be a great value to those who decide to invest.”

Edmund Wilson

Associate Dean (retired)
Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University

“Impressive lecturers with very clear explanations of the core principles in each discipline. I highly recommend these convenient courses for anyone seeking to develop their understanding in these business topics before following a b-school course or executive program.”

Prof. Kevin Kaiser

Director TGM Program

Our Team

All our presentations are developed, and delivered, by experienced business school professors. Our faculty have many years experience teaching on some of the top business programs in the world.

Dr. Brett A. Saraniti

Brett is co-founder of AnyPrep LLC. It’s his svelte image that you’ll see the Stats and Math videos…


Dr. Ian Fenwick

Co-founder of AnyPrep LLC , Professor Emeritus Schulich School of Business (Toronto) and Advisor at Sasin…


Dr. Larry Gorman

Larry’s currently Professor of Finance at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. Students have voted him the Most…


Dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Rosenkranz is currently Professor of Microeconomics at Utrecht University School of…


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